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Profitable Positioning

Ready to get step-by-step help packaging your unique services, crafting your positioning methodology to attract ideal prospects & preparing 

your pitch plan to consistently convert clients? 


What if you could learn to easily package your career skills & expertise into your own consulting firm, then make $3K or more per month pitching the same skills you use everyday in your 9-5 to businesses in need?

without taking another online class or enrolling in a lengthy coaching program?


you're here because

  • You're tired of being overworked and underpaid in your current role or industry

  • You feel financially capped in your current role making less than $100K

  • You continuously see other consultants get paid to do the same services you know you can offer... better

  • You're ready to launch a business but struggle with entrepreneurial know-how


Your Problem Is

you're ready for the transition but,


You're easily side tracked and overwhelmed whenever you "get started" on your own


You struggle with DIY follow through in the midst of your never ending life list 


You don't want to waste time and money on trainings and programs that don’t move YOUR specific needle


listen, I get it...

If you’ve ever been to one of my masterclasses or training series, you know I hold nothing back! I’ve given you tangible tools, strategies and solutions that prepare you to build your launch roadmap...

So you should have everything you need to position your consulting business for financial growth, right now…

But if you're reading this and thinking

"Angelica, I don't know what to do next or how to carve out time to follow through ...and without step-by-step help, it’s easy for me to get sidetracked or overwhelmed... and to let all the notes I took this week to sit on a shelf waiting for someday."

Instead of spending random pockets of time figuring out what service you could sell, racking your brain about what features to include, test the waters on what you think companies are willing to pay four figures for…

Consider dedicating a few hours to build this thing from start to finish with me!

Focus On Executing

instead of more teaching, let’s

Whether you have been dreaming up your unique way to offer a premium consulting service, or you’ve “fake” launched your business already but no one knows it yet (especially your bank account)…

One thing you don’t have a lot of is TIME. Time to get the business off the ground with a 9-5 gig, or in the midst of juggling children and other family obligations... Or just simply can’t seem to carve out dedicated time to DIY.

Consider how different things would be if you had someone to hand hold you through the process? Keep you on a timeline? And even do the tasks FOR YOU... in just 1 day, so you can:



Confidently PITCH your services consistently to a qualified pipeline of prospects


Consistently PARTNER with corporate brands offering 4 and 5 figure services


Clearly POSITION your business as a highly sought-after consulting firm


Courageously PIVOT into entrepreneurship with multiple revenue streams in your life

Profitable Positioning VIP Day


The only  1:1 4 hour strategic planning + implementation day you need to get to launch mode. The result? A fully operational ready-to-launch business.



  • discover transferable skills

  • solidify your service offers

  • craft your messaging for pitching



  • design your brand foundation

  • align your client experience

  • outline your marketing strategy



  • create an automated client process

  • implement software tools

  • document a complete client journey




Dedicated time to structure service offerings, streamline internal operations, and build out a framework that improves messaging to convert clients more consistently



Design an implementation plan for your processes and begin connecting software tools to best manage internal operations as well as your client project journey. Engage systems to manage your service delivery.


has helped my clients


  • Secure consulting contracts ranging from $3,000 - $70,000+ per client

  • Book keynote speaker engagements

  • Be featured on television segments and even star in feature films

  • Partner with institutions to license curricula

How to Create & Launch Your Consulting S

secure your spot!

Profitable Positioning VIP Day

This 4-hr 1:1 strategy intensive with me is designed to package your unique services, craft positioning methodologies to attract your ideal prospects and prepare your pitch plan to consistently convert clients.

Are you ready to achieve results like this?

Derrik Anderson, DEI Expert. Securing year long 5-figure Corporate Partnership offering workshop presentations & professional development trainings for organizations like Food Lion & Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, Board of Education.

Angela Birchett, Broadway & TV Actor.

Securing $5K+ contracts offering masterclasses & clinicians for HBCU Fine Arts Departments and artist development intensives for aspiring industry professionals

Jamilah Pitts, Education Consultant. Securing $3K+ contracts offering workshop trainings & anti-bias curriculum development for K-12 schools. She has partnered with International Baccalaureate and was recently featured on the Oprah Winfrey Network.


Experience 1-day


Not sure what your step-by-step process is for achieving promised results with each and every client in a structured, repeatable way? 

Let's outline exactly what skills to offer as a 4-figure service(s)

Fumbling through how to transfer YOUR unique career skills and expertise over to a company who needs your skills in order to produce a desired outcome?

Let's build a roadmap for your business with clearly aligned messaging for expert positioning

Unclear how you’re actually communicating and marketing your process as a specific service so that it gets in front of the right people? 

Let's write scripts to communicate the value of your service(s) over the competition for consistent client conversion

How to Create & Launch Your Consulting S

what's included?

During Our Time Together, You'll Get:

4 Hours of Dedicated 1:1 Time With Me.

This is NOT a course or coaching; we actually accomplish everything from crafting a comprehensive strategic plan for your business and implementing your entire process using my signature framework: Business, Branding, and Backend so you're ready to launch.

A Fully Mapped out Launch Strategy & Next Steps Framework.

You will have all you need to attract clients, a pipeline of real prospects to pitch to and the tools you need to actively pitch. We will write out your personalized pitch proposal template and create a branding + marketing strategy so you have a long term pitching cycle.

Revenue Profit Planner and Cash Flow Tracker.

Your business needs a success plan. We will price your services and utilize your planner for income projections as they align with your capacity and rates. We will also create a plan for tracking cash flow and metrics that dictate predictable income projections.

Backend Systems Set Up Done For You.

Stop stressing over the tech! I create an implementation plan for your processes and connect software tools to best manage internal operations as well as your client project journey so you can stop guessing how to delivery your service and effectively manage your task list.

30 and 60 day Follow Up Audit Sessions. 

Even though we complete everything in one day, I still make sure you are supported during your launch phase because REAL results matter to me. You will schedule two additional calls with me auditing what's working and what needs a pivot. I want to make sure you're actually converting clients and serving them seamlessly.   


hey there!

I'm Angelica Dandridge

I was in your shoes, working for $15/hr and basically running an entire department with 5 staff reporting to me. I knew I was worth more, I knew I could make more!

I decided to turn my skills into a service and positioned myself to partner with companies instead of working for them. I realized I could package my existing skills and expertise as an operations employee into a highly sought after service as a operations consultant.

In 2016, I turned my $15/hr part time salary into a $90K consulting contract. Since then, I've made over $150,000 as a business consultant. And here's the thing, I didn't have years of experience as a consultant or an established company with 5-12 employees before going after 4 & 5 figure contracts.

Spend a day with me and I'll help you do the same!

My Promise To You

My goal is to help as many people as possible. However, I understand that no one can offer a one-size fits all solution. I want you to be sure this program is best for you. If you decide to work with me, I promise to give you 1,000%. I guarantee that my methodology will give you the confidence and clarity to show up for yourself and your business so you can step into your calling & live a purpose-driven life. 


Remember, whatever is a career skill can also be a consulting service someone will pay for.  Even if your ideas (or career skills) are all over the place, no worries. I’ll show you show to narrow down your ideas and determine which is the most profitable one to turn into your consulting service. Let me help you launch this thing!

talk to you soon, 

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frequently asked questions

What makes me a good fit for a VIP Day?

You would benefit most from a VIP Day if: You have at least 3-5 years of experience implementing a specific career skill or role. You feel like coachings/trainings are helpful but you struggle with DIY follow through. You want hands-on suppport from an expert business strategist. You want to dedicate specific time to knock out your entire business set up.

My career journey is unique; will this work for me?

You may be concerned that your career isn't a seamless journey... neither was mine! Let me tell you, it doesn't matter. Together, we will find the common threads of your skill sets utilized in every role so you can highlight transferable skill position your pitch to share your unique expertise across industries. I have 7+ years in operations strategy and project management but have worked across 5 different industries... I pitched my skills & have since made $150K+ in my own consulting business. Let me show you how to do the same thing!

Is the VIP Day virtual or in-person?

I prefer to offer this 4-hr session in-person for best results; to comply with COVID regulations, I take a test prior to travel to you as well as secure a location for us to work together while maintaining 6ft distance and of-course wear a mask our entire time together. However, if you are uncomfortable - a virtual version is also available.

How much support is available AFTER the VIP Day?

In addition to your implementation plan for guided next steps support, you will schedule two additional calls with me (after 30 and 60 days) auditing what's working and what needs a pivot. I want to make sure you're actually converting clients and serving them seamlessly.

Why is now a good time to get my business launched?

The pandemic has completely changed the way businesses operate and spend money. It’s cheaper and more advantageous for companies to work with a consultant to get faster results with less commitment. You have the skills & expertise to be the consultant they hire!


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