Profitable Positioning Training Series

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Lesson 1: Shifting Your Mindset From Employee to Expert Consultant

Homework Assignment:

Make a quick bullet point list of your current job description. What are you doing day to day in your role? Think about what skills you are using. Then make a bullet point list of the services you want to offer as a consultant

(hint: pull from the same list of skills you use at work daily)

Lesson 2: Your New Role as CEO

Homework Assignment: Make a List of Top Priorities for your January Launch

Lesson 3: Create A Strategic Plan

Homework Assignment: Make a Copy of your Strategic Plan

Roadmap + Complete Checklists

Homework Assignment: Make a Copy of your Revenue Profit Plan

Fill In your Services + Desired Price Points for Q1-2021

(note: you access the revenue profit plan inside your strategic plan roadmap

it is listed on a trello card as ACCESS REVENUE PROFIT PLAN)

Lesson 4: Create A Revenue Profit Plan